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Berlin Guide

Emperors, democrats, nazi’s and communists once ruled in Berlin. It was seen as one of the most prosperous cities in the world. And also nearly demolished. It was divided by the Berlin Wall for 28 years. Because of its fascinating history the city has so many different stories to tell.

Because of its diversity Berlin can be a tough nut to crack. Therefore we will be your Berlin guide and show the place to be and the stories versatile Berlin has to offer.

kabouters in berlijn

This guide is made by freelance journalists Martine Zeijlstra and Robert Visscher. They have written for Dutch magazines and newspapers such as Trouw, nrc.next, de Volkskrant, Esta and Ode. Martine also has another website on a very different subject: baby and children’s clothes with handmade fairy tale designs www.kapjerood.nl . Seven years ago they stayed in Berlin and got addicted to this vibrant city. Since, they visited all the places to be in Berlin and went to a lot of good restaurants and cafes in Berlin. They bought vintage clothes and hoodies made by local designers in Berlin. They got addicted to currywurst and chilled at Biergarten. And they sunbathed in Berlin parks and barbecued there too. They threw snowballs at Prenzelzwergen, the toddlers of Prenzlauer Berg. They know the fascinating stories of the Berlin Wall  and where to find its remains. They spend several months a year in Berlin. Because they found out so many fascinating stories about places to be that are worth sharing, and know so much about the different neighborhoods in Berlin they set up this website. Enjoy www.placetobe.info

Please contact us if you have any questions or tips:

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