Berlin Food and Drink

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Berlin Food&Drink

Berlin has many great restaurants and bars. Spicy curry’s, great pizza’s and juicy currywurst: Berlin has got it all. We selected our favorite restaurants and bars per district. Check it out!

dames mr vuong

Mr Vuong


zagreusRestaurants Mitte

Mitte has posh restaurants, but also greasy bratwurst and a lot of tourist traps. If you know your way around here and jump over the garbage cans, you will find vegetarian gems like Cookies Cream, great sushi and steamy hot pizza’s.


katerholzigBars Mitte

Mitte has a lot of trendy bars and cafes. But if you want to avoid being trapped with only tourists, read our tips for your place to be. We selected very different bars. If you like drinking coffee and eating cakes, try Marketta’s Greisslerei or The Barn. But if you prefer dancing, Mitte is the place to be as well. At Kater Holzig you can dance like a crazy cat.

dieturnhalleinsideRestaurants Friedrichshain

In Friedrichshain you can find no nonsense food for bargain prices. Even the local bakery near Boxhagener Platz makes really good cheesecake. Friedrichshain buzzes with great little restaurants from all over the world, like Alarabi. If you are more into alternative locations, visit former gymhall Die Turnhall, or Volkskammer, for a true Ossi-meal.

kaufbarfrontpageBars Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain has a lot of groovy, interesting bars. Students know their way around this area to go clubbing and dancing in Berghain and Cassiopeia. But Friedrichshain has more to offer. Like a bar, where you can buy the furniture you sit on, home made beer, lemonade, cakes and cider. And bars where you can dance as well as play table football.

weinerei1Restaurants Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg has some really good and interesting restaurants. We think the best Berlin breakfast can be scored here. And what about a restaurant without a fixed price? You only pay to get a glass. After a great evening you figure out yourself what you put in the money jar. Great lunches can be found here too, as well as Berlin’s best home made kuchen.

drpongBars Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg loves booze. Thirsty countrymen drank a wheat beer at the Prater when Berlin was still a village. The first beer bottles came rattling out of the ‘Kulturbrauerei’. Prenzlauer Berg is still a great place to chill with a beer. Especially Oderbergerstrasse, Helmholtzplatz and the Lychener, Pappel and Dunckerstrasse have great bars. At some you can even play ping pong.

Konnopke BerlinBerlin Currywurst!

Berlin is currywurst heaven. You’ll find the best places in the world to set your teeth in a yummy pork sausage. The currywurst was invented in Berlin on September 4 1949. We’ve selected the three best stores in Berlin where you can eat a currywurst.

Monsieur Vuong

No matter how tired we are, when we arrive in Berlin we hurry to Monsieur Vuong. We just have to drink a mango juice and have a meal here to celebrate we are back in Berlin. Monsieur Vuong mixes carrots with curry and duck with dumplings in a way that tickle our tastebuds instantly. Their meals taste complex and delicious, you notice every single ingredient. After we finished our meal, we skip desert and drink a strange but delicious tea made from lemongrass, lime and ginger. We have never been in Vietnam, but after visiting Monsieur Vuong it feels like we tasted what Vietnam must be like, in the heart of Berlin Mitte.

It’s not possible to make reservations, so when it’s busy you sometimes have to wait outside. But don’t worry: the nice waitres and waitresses will give you hot tea to keep warm and you don’t have to wait long for your delicious dinner.


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