Bars Mitte

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Bars Mitte: lots of trendy bars and cafes

Mitte has a lot of trendy bars and cafes. But if you want to avoid being trapped with only tourists, read our tips for your place to be. We selected very different bars. If you are more into drinking coffee and eating cakes, try Marketta’s Greisslerei or The Barn. But if you prefer dancing, Mitte is the place to be as well. At Kater Holzig you will have the perfect dance evening while a huge cat and skeleton watch over you.


Dancing at former Postoffice Postbahnhof


At Postbahnhof you won’t find letters of your loved one. At least, not anymore. Postbahnhof is a former post office where you can dance till you drop. FritzClub is also in the building. At Postbahnhof you can dance on house, R’nB, pop music and rock.

sanktoberholzSankt Oberholz

Sankt Oberholz is a sanctuary for the ubernerd that likes to drink coffee, eat cakes and stay in touch with home digitally. At Sankt Oberholz it is possible at the same time.

And if you are so busy mailing home, and forgot your love letter, your press card, napkin with new creative ideas or your baby’t toys, Sankt Oberholz put them on their website on their lost and found section.



thebarnThe Barn

Brewing coffee is an art that not everybody understands. Berlin is not like coffee loving Rome. But they do understand the noble art of coffee making at The Barn.

Roasting beans is almost like brewing something extra ordinary in a chemistry lab, because they use tools that Walter White from the tv-serie Breaking Bad would appreciate as well.

They roast their own beans and have many different varieties to brew the perfect cup.



markettaMarketta’s Greisslerei

Austrian lad Peter loves living in Berlin. But after a few years he really started missing the food from his home country Austria. Instead of moving back home to the Alp country, he brought the Austrian food to Berlin. So at Marketta’s Greisslerei you can find Austrian buns and other sweet stuff, as well as good coffee. The interior and walls are a bit ragged, but that is part of the typical Berlin design.

It has a homely atmosphere, and that is something to cherish in touristy Mitte.




Don’t be fooled by the name of this Mitte place. You won’t find much chocolate inside. Schokoladen is a music hall where famous bands and musicians that are on the brink of a breakthrough perform.






Hallole! No, don’t worry, you’re not beamed up to South Germany, you are still in Berlin Mitte. This is how they welcome you in Schwabiland, Berlin. Where that is? Well, at the kitschy Schwabiland restaurant Schwarzwaldstuben, of course. At Schwarzwaldstuben you can eat traditional German food like Schnitzel. The decor is very retro, with lots of old wood. On top of the bar and on the walls of Schwarzwaldstuben you can find little statues of wild deer and other animals you would find at Southern Germany, in every color of the rainbow. The many Schwabi’s that live in Berlin will feel right at home.



katerholzigKater Holzig

Start dancing like a crazy cat at Kater Holzig. This Mitte dance gem has the true Berlin vibe and is the place to be if you like music and weird art. Take the images outside, for example. The walls may be crumbling down, but the skeleton outside Kater Holzig just looks really cool. A huge cat looks down on the party people outside as well. Indoors you can dance on the beats of really good dj’s, rest at a bed in the middle of one of the halls. And if you are fed up with dance beats, just go outside and sing Backstreet Boys songs with weirdo’s in the small house on the premises.




whitetrashWhite Trash Fast Food

It is a bit hard to put a label on White Trash Fast Food You can eat burgers called ‘Marquee the fuck burgers’ at this weird restaurant. Or, try a ‘laughing buddah’ or ‘L.A. style burrito’s&The ‘Valley’ porn nacho’s’.

The food at White Trash is really good, but the main reason to go here is the groovy, odd atmosphere and the music. Dj’s scratch here, but there are also live performances of Rock groups, singer-song writers, punk and ‘trash’. And if you dare and are not too wasted: they have a tattoo shop as well.




meinhausamseeMein Haus am See

Mein Haus am See is something in between. It’s an exhibition space, a bar, a restaurant and a work place where you can smoke or read a book in this former bookshop.

It is open 24 hours a day. A bit like your own creative homezimmer, but without the trouble of cleaning up after yourself.




Is it a cafe? Or a bike shop? In Berlin it’s of course, both. At Standert you can drink coffee or grab a beer when you look for a new bike. Or get your golden oldie repaired to get back on Berlin’s hectic streets again as quick as you can. So if you like bikes and beers and don’t mind the typical bike smell, Standert is your place to be.



factorygirl berlin restaurantFactory Girl

Feel like Alice in Wonderland at the tasting lab of Factory Girl. The mad hatter with his firy red hair is not only on the walls, but also stands in the kitchen. She only looks a bit different. Alice is disguised as Berlin girl Didem Sozen.

Tea comes with a lot of funky cakes and breakfast can be eaten all day long.

Tip magazine named her homemade lemonade ‘Berlin’s best. So be a bit mad, defy the queen of hearts and drink tea and eat cakes with the mad hatter and his nervous buddy the white rabbit and cheshire cat.



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