Bars Prenzlauer Berg

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Bars Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg loves booze. Berlin Beer was made here. Thirsty countrymen drank a wheat beer at the Prater when they were on their way home after a visit to the city centre of Berlin. The first beer bottles came rattling out of the plant that is now called the ‘Kulturbrauerei’. Prenzlauer Berg is still a great place to chill with a beer. Especially Oderbergerstrasse and Helmholtzplatz with the Lychener, Pappel and Dunckerstrasse have great bars. At some you can even play ping pong.


Kauf Dich Glucklich


Intersoup is a bit of a weird bar. By the sound of the name you would expect people slurping soup, but Intersoup is more a bar than a soup joint. Although they do have some really good Thai style spicy soups with seafood. The reason we go to Intersoup is because of the laid back atmosphere. Once you sit down on the comfy granny chairs you stare at the flowery wallpaper and drink beer or weird cocktails. And it even gets better once the singer songwriters enter the building. Just prepare for a laid back evening with nice live music, occasional karaoke and people playing computer games.



stgaudySt. Gaudy Cafe

At St. Gaudy Cafe you have found the ultimate place to relax in Prenzlauer Berg. At Sunday you can have a nice free massage with your coffee or beer. That’s a real treat for those tired muscles after a long Sunday stroll in Berlin. Or practice your German or English during the Wednesday Language Exchange sessions, or learn to paint at this cafe. Or simply have a good time and stroke the resident pooch, but beware of the tongue bath.




fraumittenmangFrau Mittenmang

When you look at beer advertisements it’s always about cool lads drinking beer together. So we think it’s cool that Frau Mittenmang decided differently with their own home made beer. They call it ‘Frau Brau’ Womens’ brew. So find out yourself if the Frau Brau is just as good, or even better than the lads brew.



zumiroderzudir4Zu Mir oder Zu Dir

You don’t need an original pick up line anymore if you go to Zu mir oder zu dir in the Lychenerstrasse. The bar has the true Berlin vibe with rough walls and kitschy chairs that could be your grannies.





rotelotte2Rote Lotte

Berlin communist girl Liselotte Hermann fought the Nazi’s in the 1930’s. And to honor her you can drink a cocktail in Rote Lotte. Rote Lotte is situated at the cool bar street Oderberger Strasse, near shopping heaven Kastanienallee.

Don’t worry, you won’t find guns in Rote Lotte, but velvet cushions and strawberry red cocktails.¬†



glucklichamparkfoodkaufdichglucklichKauf Dich Glucklich

At Kauf Dich Glucklich you can eat ice cream and chill on the comfy chairs. But don’t forget to look around you. Kauf Dich Glucklich means something like Shop Till You Drop and Be Happy. The bar is a clothing store as well. So Be Happy and don’t smear your icecream on the fabric. on Kastanien Allee and Oderberger Strasse.






Druide makes you see weird things. This bar is absinth heaven. Druide has many different absinths from all over the world. After a glass the Green Fairy made our world magic. Even the most ugly old fashioned artwork in our apartment became beautiful.



drpongDr. Pong

Who wants to play around and feel like a kid again should definitely go to Dr.Pong. At this simple bar, right in the middle of Prenzelberg, you can dance around the table to play pingpong. Drink a beer or a wodka-rhubarb-juice and compete with other ping pong fanatics. The good thing about being 18 plus: mum and dad won’t tell you to go to bed.

You can play ping pong untill closing time, late at night.


Krumel is a simple bakery without a fancy website. But who cares. One bite of their ‘streuselkuchen’ with plums and you don’t want to go away. Ever. You can find Krumel at the Stargarder Strasse 73-74.

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