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Currywurst Berlin

Berlin is currywurst heaven. You’ll find the best places in the world to set your teeth in a yummy pork sausage. The currywurst was invented in Berlin by Herta Heuwer in Charlottenburg. On September 4 1949 she served the juicy ‘wurst’ for the first time with a sauce made of tomatoes, curry and Worcestershire sauce. And some more, secret, ingredients.

Konnopke Berlin

History of the Berlin currywurst

It became an instant hit. Heuwer even patented the sausage. She sold 10,000 a day and her cafe (Kantstrasse 101) was open day and night. Up to 19 waitresses served the hungry visitors. Heuwer died in 1999 and never told anyone what kind of secret ingredients she used. Her currywurst became part of Berlin’s culture, just like the Brandenburger Gate, Fernsehturm and Ampelmann.

It is hard to overestimate the popularity of the currywurst. According to the currywurst museum in Berlin 70 million sausages are sold yearly in Berlin. There are a stunning two hundred places where you can buy a currywurst in Berlin. However, not all serve great sausages.

After tasting many sausages through the years, we’ve made a top 3. Below, you’ll find our three favorite places to eat a currywurst. Sausage lovers have been debating what the best sausage of Berlin is for a long time. Of course there’s more to the currywurst than just the taste. It is after all Berlin we’re talking about. Therefore saying something about the currywurst can lead to a heated debate. Some even claim that picking your favorite sausage also has to do with whether you’re a Wessie (from West-Berlin) or Ossie (East-Berlin).

It was a close call to name a winner. And to be honest all three places serve wonderful juicy sausages. We would recommend you try at least the three below and see for yourself which one is the best. If you don’t like any of them, there are 197 other places you could try to see if you could get the hang of this Berlin habit… If it’s you first time, try one without skin (ohne darm) and with skin (mit darm).

Kreuzberg Curry 36 Berlin

1. Curry 36 (Kreuzberg)

And the winner is: a juicy sausage and a thick, delicious sauce that tastes so remarkable you would like to order a second currywurst straight away. Curry 36 serves a magnificent currywurst and will definitely make you come back for more. We also love their fries (pommes). You’ll find there store at Mehringdamm 36 in Kreuzberg Berlin. They’re open every day between 9:00 AM and 5:00 AM.


Witty's Berlin

2. Witty’s (Schoneberg)

The best thing about Witty’s currywurst is how its currywurst tastes. The second best thing is that it’s made of organic meat (bio currywurst). The sausage is as juicy as those sold by Curry 36, but the sauce is a bit less spicy. It is located at Wittenbergerplatz in Schoneberg, in front of the famous department store KaDeWe.


Prenzlauer Berg Konnopke's Imbiss3. Konnopke’s Imbiss (Prenzlauer Berg)

Knonnopke’s Imbiss was the first place to serve the currywurst in East Berlin (since 1960). It became their most popular serving. It is hardly rivaled in having the best currywurst (and boulette) of East Berlin. This is a legendary place. The past decades many people have been standing in line to order a currywurst here. It is located at Schonhauser Allee 44B in Prenzlauer Berg, underneath S-bahnhof Eberswalder Strasse.

It is also worth checking out the currywurst of another member of the ‘Konnopke family’. The son of the current owner Waltraud Ziervogel of Konnopke’s Imbiss also has a currywurst store in the neighborhood. In 2012 Mario opened Ziervogel’s Kult-Curry, which can be found at Schonhauser Allee 20, near Senefelder Platz.

By the way some people claim that Hamburg is the home of the currywurst. Don’t listen to their false claims, they’re jealous. Although we would recommend to read Uwe Timm’s novel on the history of the currywurst, that is located in Hamburg.

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