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9 Places to eat and drink in Schoneberg

In Schoneberg you can find one of the best currywursts in town and many wonderfull restaurants and old cafe’s. If you love chocolate, Schoneberg is your place to be. Some of the best (hot) chocolate can be found in Schoneberg.

1. Winterfeldt Schokoladen

Winterfeldt Schokoladen looks like an old apothecary, where potions are sold that will make you feel a lot better when you’re sick. But those potions are not tasting disgusting, but wonderful and they will make you feel better.  Because, it may look like an apothecary, it’s a beautiful Berlin cafe. And one of the best cafes in Schoneberg. You should definitely try their different chocolates (Schokoladen), especially the excellent macarons to see if they have magic powers.

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-23 om 21.20.442. Cafe Mamsell

Another wonderful place, that will also make you feel like you´re in chocolate heaven is Cafe Mamsell. It´s close to Winterfeldt Schokoladen. Cafe Mamsell is especially known for its hot chocolate. It may very well be the best you´ll ever taste in Berlin. If you’re a real chocolate addict, try Estrellas Chocolaterie as well, you can find them at 21 Akazien Strasse, in the heart of Schoneberg.

doubleeyeschoneberg©premshreepillai3. DoubleEye

Are you more into coffee? Don’t miss the great coffee at DoubleEye. Unfortunately many places in Berlin serve horrible coffee. DoubleEye is one of the exceptions. We haven’t tasted better coffee in Berlin. The place to be for caffeine addicts. It’s worth the travel to Schoneberg. Even if you live or stay in Berlin Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg. A good day starts with a good cup of coffee…

witty's4. Witty’s

In Berlin Schoneberg you’ll find one of the best venues where you can buy a currywurst: Witty’s. They make wonderful organic (bio-) sausages with a thick curry sauce. Berlin is currywurst heaven. Witty’s is one of the best place to get a currywurst together with Curry36 in Kreuzberg and Konnopke’s Imbiss in Prenzlauer Berg. You can find Witty’s at Wittenbergplatz 5, close to KaDeWe – the biggest department store of Europe. And if you are totally into the organic lifestyle, they have organic prosecco and gluhwein too!

haveli5. Haveli

Our favorite Indian Restaurant in Berlin Schoneberg is Haveli at glamorous Viktoria Luise Platz. It’s situated in a nice looking building and that’s not all. The food is delicious and the service great. They also have a great Sunday Brunch. And when the weather is nice, you can sit outside as well. That’s a nice way to spend your spicy weekend


Rani is also a good place to eat if you’re into Indian food. The good part is that their dishes are cheap and the service is fast . We particularly like the curry and spring rolls. The bad part is that the quality of the food varies. Many times the food we ate here was delicious, but it also happened every now and than that the food was not that tasty. They don’t have a website, but you can find them in nice shopping street Goltzstrasse, on number 32.

7. Cafe Sur

The best place to get breakfast in Schoneberg is Cafe Sur. They have nice breads, lots of sweet toppings, hams, eggs and what not for the best start of the day. Their coffee is nice as well. And if you are still hungry, try their home made kuchen. They are great too. You can find them at Akazienstrasse 7, they don’t have a website.

8.Cafe Bilderbuch

Another fine place to enjoy breakfast is Café Bilderbuch. It has several separate areas, including one with comfy couches to lounge. We have no complaints about the food. The service however can be horrible. Unfriendly waiters and long waiting times are no exception.

EMMAundpaul9. Emma und Paul

Emma and Paul is heaven for little kids and their parents. They have nice waffles and pancakes and if you’re smart, make a reservation in the back room. Your kids can take a bite every now and then of their sweet waffles and continue playing. They have a large glide as well as lots of toys. If you don’t like screaming kids that have the time of their live, just stay in the front of Emma und Paul.
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