Restaurants Mitte

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Restaurants Mitte

Mitte has posh restaurants, but also greasy bratwurst and a lot of tourist traps. If you know your way around here and jump over the garbage cans, you will find vegetarian gems like Cookies Cream, great sushi and steamy hot pizza’s.

dames mr vuong

clarchens ballhausClarchens Ballhaus

Put on your dancing shoes when you go for dinner at Clarchens Ballhaus. They have nice pizza’s outside and gypsie food indoors, but you better gobble it up. Clarchen just celebrated her 100 year anniversary and old, young, gay and very hetero all dance at this retro dance hall.



zagreusZagreus Projekt

Food is art and art is food at Zagreus Projekt. Zagreus Projekt is a gallery and a ‘gastronomic space’ at once. Every two months a new artist changes the looks of the restaurant. Chef, curator and gallery owner Ulrich Krauss then invents a new menu that perfectly blends in with the exhibition.





Love Italian food, and especially risotto? At RisOtto you can order any risotto plate you like. They have risotto with chicken, spinach and lemon but also risotto with Italian salami.





cookies cream berlinCookies Cream

Jump over a garbage can. And try not to smell anything. It might look like a dump, but the stinky route to Cookies Cream is well worth the trouble. This great restaurant in Mitte is hidden behind the delivery yard of the Westin Grand Hotel. Right, where they stash there garbage. Just follow the chandeliers and don’t be desperate. You won’t get robbed or step in a needle, the door with the light bulbs is near.

Inside you will find Cookies Cream, a great vegetarian restaurant. Chef Stephan Hentschel makes you forget meat with his dishes. At Cookies you will find seasonal vegetables and veggies that your gran might still remember, like ‘urkarotten’ a kind of retro carrot, prepared deliciously.

meisjeswc berlijnDolores

We love Dolores. If you want to have a quick, healthy and delicious meal Dolores is the place to be in Mitte. They have burrito’s, quesadilla’s and soft taco’s and you can have them filled with the fresh ingredients you like best. And check out the loo’s too for the funny stories on the doors.




co co banh mi restaurant berlin Co co bahn mi

Forget Italian panini bread, this is the new hip sandwich. Co co bahn mi is fast food, without loads of calories. This toasted Vietnamese sandwich with meat and vegetables has a great Asian taste.



paulysaalPauly Saal

Back in the days girls were learning new words in this former girls school. Now you can have dinner in this fancy restaurant Pauly Saal. A large rocket is hanging on the walls. No idea why, but if you have plans for a trip outer space foodwise, this is the place to be.



ladies mr vuong berlinMonsieur Vuong

No matter how tired we are, when we arrive in Berlin we hurry to Monsieur Vuong. We just have to drink a mango juice and have a meal here to celebrate we are back in Berlin. Monsieur Vuong mixes carrots with curry and duck with dumplings in a way that tickle our tastebuds instantly. Their meals taste complex and delicious, you notice every single ingredient. After we finished our meal, we skip desert and drink a strange but delicious tea made from lemongrass, lime and ginger. We have never been in Vietnam, but after visiting Monsieur Vuong it feels like we tasted what Vietnam must be like, in the heart of Berlin Mitte.

It’s not possible to make reservations, so when it’s busy you sometimes have to wait outside. But don’t worry: the nice waitres and waitresses will give you hot tea to keep warm and you don’t have to wait long for your delicious dinner.




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