Restaurants Prenzlauer Berg

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Restaurants Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg has some really good and interesting restaurants. We think the best Berlin breakfast can be scored here. And what about a restaurant without a fixed price? You drink as much as you like, and only pay to get a glass. After a great evening you figure out yourself what you put in the money jar. Great lunches can be found here as well, like la Poulette, as well as the best home made ‘torten’ and ‘kuchen’ of Berlin.

Anna Blume

Anna Blume

thebirdThe Bird

The Bird doesn’t serve chirping flying creatures, but burgers and stakes. And those are to be eaten with your hands, according to The Bird staff.

“At least try eating the damn burger with your hands. All you uptight people with forks and knives are driving us crazy. And for God’s sake don’t order your meat well done”, they write on their website. Now that’s a clear message.

So keep the knives and forks on the table and eat your burger with names like Ghetto Burger and Fat Stingy Gonzalez like your told.



lapoulette3La Poulette

La Poulette is a small Prenzelberg estaurant that makes us feel at home. We always go here to lunch after a month in Berlin. To say goodbye to Berlin in style.

The chef uses simple ingredients but his tomatoes taste delicious, his fishsoup subtle and meat tender. You can taste his french joie the vivre and pride in his dishes.

After a last look at the flower walls with a young girl dancing through a field of poppies, we find it hard to leave Berlin. But La Poulette makes sure we want to come back soon.


ontbijten in berlijnBest Berlin Breakfast at Anita Wronski

The Best Berlin breakfast is definitely at Anita Wronski in Prenzlauer Berg. It is a good Berlin tradition to spend your sunday morning in a cafe. At some cafes you will get a snotty egg and rye bread to scare your hangover away. Anita Wronski knows how to treat you. Their bread is nice, and you’ll get lots of cheese and ham. The fruit on the plate is fresh.

You can find Anita Wronski at Knaackstrasse 26-28, near Dicke Hermann




Weinerei perfectly understands what food in a restaurant is all about. If you want to eat out, you want to have a good time with friends, enjoy the food and drink wine or great juice. The Weinerei almost feels like your own living room and a dinner amongst friends. When you enter Perlin or Forum, the two restaurants of the Weinerei, you only pay for a glass. You can fill it as much as you like, as you would do at your own place.

It made us feel straight at home. The only difference is, you don’t have to cook yourself. The nice, Italian and French inspired dishes are brought to your table by very friendly waiters and waitresses.

insideweinereiAfter a great evening you can decide yourself how much money you want to put in the money jar. We really like this philosophy. It might be a bit naieve as a business model. It’s easy to eat a lot and pay little. But we think that hardly happens. The money jar is quite full at the end of the evening. Most people really appreciate the idea of paying for a nice evening with great food and wine.

And it’s funny too: eating here with friends who are getting nervous. Because they have no idea how to deal with the concept of paying whatever you like.


"eten bij gugelhof berlijn"Gugelhof

At Gugelhof you can eat the best Berlin flammkuchen. They look a bit like pizza’s, but the dish has not much to do with Italy. Flammkuchen were created in the Elzas. The area is known for it’s great wines, but also for these crispy things. The topping is made of the very stinky Elzas cheese Munster and smoked ham. The salads are really great too.



anablume1Anna Blume

Anna Blume sells flowers and the best home made kuchen of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It is not easy to chose your favorite, so try them all at this flower and kids oasis.






In this sweeter than sweet cafe you definitely need to have something with sugar. The waffles and pancakes of Napoljonska are very good. We especially like the Napoljonska waffle, that comes with pears and snippets of almond. It is sweet, juicy and warm.

If you don’t like pink walls, stay out, but if you like comfy food and want to warm up in sometimes chilly Berlin, Napoljonska is the place to be.




Fischfabrik simply loves fish. Everyting is yummy fresh. We really like this small Prenzelberg restaurant with it’s high because they put so much TLC in the place. The fish on display look like they were caught on the spot. They come with a home made sauce and crispy chips. Everything at Fischfabrik is in fish style. You look at an aquarium when you are munching on your own fish and even the toilet is in sailor style.


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