Shops Friedrichshain

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Shops Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain has a lot of funny and true Berlin shops you won’t find in any other city or Berlin district. Shop owners here care more about creativity than about being as hip as possible.¬†Like Yack Fou, where they sell hoodies with mean Berlin bears.

yack fou


Vintage Friedrichshain

Small gallery’s are not into high brow art. They want you inside to enjoy art they painted on old crates or a suitcase and are quite happy if you go out with a colorful poster. Vintage is hot as well in Friedrichshain. One of the nicest flea markets of Berlin is here, at Boxhagener Platz.


Stadtengel or ‘urban angel’ has something angelic. The home made cuddly toys are funny with their large ears and huge teeth and worth cuddling at the same time. Stadtengel has great design stuff you just want to have in your own living room.

onkelonkelOnkel und Onkel

Onkel und Onkel publish books you won’t forget easily. Like ‘The Angie dressbook’ where you can dress Angela Merkel, ‘mean answers to kids’ questions’ ‘Fun things you are not allowed to do’ and a ‘Fuhrer’ quartet.




At Boxi (Boxhagener Platz) you will find one of the best flea markets of Berlin. Every sunday you can stroll through this market to find granny furniture, vintage clothes, great photo’s of Berlin when the Berlin Wall still existed, funny stuff to lighten up your living room and life and beautiful art work.




Cheeky monsters that collect people’s tents or cry because they drop their ice cream. At Zozoville gallery by Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma you will find hairy monsters behaving like humans. They paint on suitcases and old wood, but have posters as well. You can find the artists of Zozoville on the Sunday market on Boxhagener Platz as well. They sell their paintings and posters, for people with a smaller budget who like furry and funny art.





yackfou2Yack Fou

It almost sounds as if you are swearing at someone, but Yack Fou is a great Friedrichshain shop with funny t shirts and hoodies. The fierce Berlin bears, tattooed mellow sailors and holy saints with a twist not only look good on a poster, but also on your clothes. The prints are made by Berlin based artist Martin Krusche.

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