Shops Prenzlauer Berg

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Shops Prenzlauer Berg

Who killed Bambi? Don’t worry, in Prenzlauer Berg they are not hunting deer. It’s the name of one of the cool shops this district has to offer. Like Erfinderladen, where you can find crystal blue bath salt that would make Walter White from Breaking Bad jealous. Or Little Pop Machine. They recycle furniture by adding cool skulls, cats, deer and butterflies in a colorful way.

Bääärlin 5

Little Pop Machine

Old furniture is often thrown away. What a pity. Because you can spice your old granny table up so easily. At Little Pop Machine they know all about it. They make boring, old furniture groovy again with cool images of skulls, kitschy cats, vicious bears and smashing colors. Also check out their Schmuck You! Market on November 22 and 23. If you like cool necklaces from local designers or you are a local designer and looking for a nice market and store to collaborate with, check it out!

winkelen in berlijnWho Killed Bambi?

Who killed Bambi? Don’t worry, nobody is hunting poor lovely Bambi. It’s the name of a Prenzelberger clothing store. They have cool t-shirts and bags with funny prints and womens clothes in sometimes odd, but cool shapes. Their accessories, like ear rings in sailor style have the Berlin vibe as well. Even if you don’t like shopping and have to wait for ages for your friend to come out of this shop is no problem. Their window sill with sometimes naked women going crazy with a saw is very entertaining as well.


kaufdichglucklichglucklichamparkKauf dich Glucklich

At Kauf dich Glucklich you’ll have best of both worlds. You can have wonderful ice cream or a great lunch. And shop in the mean time. Just be careful not to smear ice cream or soup on your new dress or skirt.


No ice cream at Eisdieler, but clothes created by local Berlin designers. So why the name: Eisdieler? Easy: there used to be a ice cream parlor at this joint. If you like urban clothes, Berlin designers and like your frock to be elegant, Eisdealer is your place to be.


Paul’s Boutique

Like so many others the owner of Paul’s Boutique lived in Berlin in the nineties, not really sure what to do with his life. He wanted to buy a record store, but didn’t have enough money. So he went into vintage clothes and sneakers and named it after his favorite Beasty Boys album: Paul’s Boutique.

It is vintage clothes heaven. And a lust for the eye if you love vintage kids toys like small robots and star trek puppets.

bandedberlinO3 Berlin

O3 has 100 Berlin designers at 100 square meters. So take your time to check out all the accessories of this interesting place at the Oderberger Strasse. If you are looking for a nice Berlin souvenir but you are fed up with Ampelman or a Berlin Bear on a coffee cup for your mum/gran/girlfriend, this shop is the place to be.

They for example have bracelets by Banded Berlin with the Fernsehturm and a Trabants on it in all the splashing colors of the rainbow. Or pillows with the popes revenge on it, and Liebling Berlin: Berlin Bears that not only look nice, but you can cuddle with as well.

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