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The Admiralspalast at the Friedrichstrasse has a really strange history. Now you can watch musicals, dance and music performances here, but in 1873 the people of Berlin plunged into the luxurious baths at the Admiralspalast.

admiralspalastberlin (c) pedelec

Luxury baths at the Admiralspalast

In 1873 Berlin was a pretty poor place. But that was not visible at the Admiralspalast. Rich Berliners plunged into the salty water of the many baths at the Admiralspalast. The Berliners must have felt like gods. The baths were in Russian/Roman style and had mosaic at the bottom of the pools. The gents baths had gracious lady figurines, mermaids and seahorses. The ladies could enjoy massages and sweat at the sauna. A true luxury at the time.

admiralspalastoldPleasure ladies at the Admiralspalast

The gents were even more spoiled at the Admiralsbad. They could take a sneak peak at the ladies baths without the ladies noticing. And girls of pleasure even rented small rooms at the Admiralsbad. If the men were getting a bit too hot after looking at the bathing ladies they could visit a classy hooker in her room at the bath. And those luxurious baths and guilty pleasures were available 24/7 for 50 pfenning for the ladies and 1,50 mark for the gents.

Partying hard at the Admiralspalast in the golden twenties

In 1910 a Grand Cafe is added to the baths, as well as a ice skate arena, a skittle alley, and a primitive cinema. In 1922 it’s no more plunging in the water. The baths are closed down and are transformed in to a variete stage in art deco style. People party hard at the Admiralspalast in Berlins golden twenties. The men gaze at the long legged girls who dance at the revue style theater. In 1930 operettes can be enjoyed at the Admiralspalast as well.

Surviving the war

A lot of buildings are severely hit at the Friedrichstrasse during the Second World War but the Admiralspalast survives the war without a scratch. The Deutschen Staatsoper, whose building is ruined, is seated at the Admiralspalast right after the war. They move out at 1955. After that theatre is still the main attraction of the building, but it is used for other perposes as well. The GDR political party SED is founded at the Admiralspalast. The GDR press club uses the building as well.

The GDR government is not too fond of operettes, so the building is not used very often. Things change after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now the Admiralspalast is used for musical, theatre, dance and music performances.



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