Escaping the Berlin Wall by hijacking a boat

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Escaping the Berlin Wall by hijcking a boat

It almost reads as a bad Hollywood scenario: putting so much booze in a captain and his mate they decide to take a nap inside the boat. Your friends take over the steering wheel, the captain gets locked up and it’s of to West Berlin. But it’s not a bad Hollywood film, it happened in Berlin on June 8, 1962.

Berlin, Fahrgastschiff "Friedrich Wolf"

Drinking schnapps before escaping to West Berlin

The captain and his mate of the boat Friedrich Wolf think they will have a nice time with their young work mate when they drink beer and schnapps together. They drink a lot of booze together and they chat along. But when the captain and his mate are pretty drunk, the young steer men lock the captain and the engineer up inside the boat. After that, their friends enter the boat, dressed as cleaning ladies and lads. The two young parents amongst them smuggle in their half year old baby as well.

Destination: West Berlin

Nobody on the shore has any clue. It’s really early in the morning, around five. And why would the boarder guards realize something is wrong?. They see a small boat coming from Treptow, getting near the Oberbaumbrucke. But before anyone realizes they have hijacked the captain, they turn the steering wheel and hit the gas. Destination: West Berlin, Obere Schleuse.

135 bullets and a baby

Three boats with boarder guards on board try to catch up on the Friedrich Wolf. All hell brakes loose. They fire 135 bullets at the boat. Twelve bullets even hit in West Berlin soil. The East Berliners don’t lose their nerves though. They just keep on hitting the gas and make it to the Western docks. West Berlin police men fire back at the East Berlin boarder guards so the 13 passengers and the baby can get of the boat unharmed. The baby even slept through the bullet rain.

The captain and his mate return to East Berlin. More on the Berlin Wall and Escapes to West Berlin



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