Children of Berlin

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Children of Berlin

Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie have at least one thing in common. They may not have been born in Berlin. But because they lived there during important periods of their lives they are all children of Berlin. Read the stories of famous ‘Berliners’ and where they lived in Berlin.  This week: queen Louise, the most influential woman of nineteenth century Berlin.

Louise_of_Mecklenburg-StrelitzQueen Louise

She was one of the most beautiful, powerful and influential women in Berlin. When she died French emperor Napoleon said the German king ‘lost his best minister’. She was respected by the army and loved by the people of Berlin. During her short life she made an astonishing impression and gave birth to nine children including future emperor Wilhelm (William) I. She died at the aged of 34: Queen Louise (1776-1810).




Wolf Biermann Konzert in LeipzigWolf Biermann

Singer song writer Wolf Biermann has meant a lot for Berlin. He wrote a play about the erection of the Berlin Wall and after that he was spied on constantly at his home in Mitte. He sang about the Stasi watching him in songs like the Stasiballade. He made the GDR government really nervous and in 1976 they banned him from East Germany. He was the first person this happened to. His songs and exile sparked East German resistance.


jfkichbineinberlinerJohn F. Kennedy

He wasn’t born in Berlin. And he didn’t live here either. But his famous speech in June, 1963 ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ makes the American president that was assasinated 50 years ago the ultimate Child of Berlin. Continue Reading..





402px-Daniel_Brühl_(cropped)Daniel Bruhl

He was born in Barcelona, grew up in Cologne, his movies are shown all over the world and he often works in Hollywood. But he has been living in Berlin for years. Daniel Bruhl is one of Germany’s most popular actors. He is best known for his roles in Goodbye Lenin!, Inglorious Basterds and Rush.




beelden volkspark friedrichshain

Grimm Brothers: Fairy Tale Berlin

Everyone knows the great stories of Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. They were written by the Grimm brothers – the fathers of the fairy tales. Although they weren’t born there, the famous brothers lived in Berlin for many years. In 1840 they moved into to the city, to teach at the university of Berlin.



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