Grimm Brothers

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Grimm Brothers: fairy tale Berlin

Everyone knows the great stories of Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. They were written by the Grimm brothers – the fathers of the fairy tales. Although they weren’t born there, the famous brothers lived in Berlin for many years. In 1840 they moved into to the city, to teach at the university of Berlin.

beelden volkspark friedrichshain

Jacob (born in 1785) worked on the history of the German language. Wilhelm (born in 1786) published more fairy tales and looked into medieval literature. Together they did not only want to write fairy tales, but also a German dictionary. It became an extensive body of work, but was never finished. Wilhelm died in Berlin in 1859 and his brother passed away four years later. The last word he described in the dictionary was fruit (Frucht).

beelden volkspark friedrichshainLegacy of the Grimm Brothers in Berlin

The legacy of the Grimm brothers can still be found in Berlin. For example in the heads of its inhabitants and visitors who have enjoyed their stories. But also in some buildings. Like the Marchenhutte, a fairy tale cabin in Berlin. In this small wooden theatre  plays of fairy tales are performed. Or take a look at the astonishing Marchenbrunnen in Volkskpark Friedrichshain. This fountain was inspired by fairy tales. One can also visit the graves of the Grimm brothers. They are buried at St. Matthaus Kirchhof in Berlin Schoneberg. Near Potsdamer Platz a street is named after them. Of course youyou could also go to their former working place: Humboldt University, where the brothers did their research and taught. If you’re more into the fairy tales than the persons who wrote them, go to Fairytale Land in Berlin. This is not an amusement park as one may think, but the German center for fairytale culture. They organize 1500 events a year.

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