Christmas Markets Berlin

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Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin can be quite chilly at this time of the year, but there is enough to see and do to be jolly. On November 25 the Christmas Markets are in Berlin again. So where do you need to go to see the nicest Hallelujah-Staude (Berlin word for Christmas Tree) and coolest, kitschy Christmas stuff?



The following Christmas Markets in Berlin are still open:

unter den linden berlinUnter den Linden and Opernpalais: nostalgic Christmas

Woolen hats with ferocious tigers for kids, wooden angelic marionettes, trolls with long beards and lots of nostalgic Matreshka’s. At the Christmas Market at Opernpalais you can find a lot of wood art in Christmas style. So if you want your Christmas Tree to look nostalgic with handpainted balls and little wooden figures, this is the place to be. If you’re getting too cold, try a sausage here. They grill them on a fire and it tastes really good when it’s freezing outside. If you’re feeling romantic, you can ride in a horse carriage here.


gedachtniskirche christmasGedachtniskirche: Always Christmas

Most Berlin Christmas markets stop right before Christmas, or shortly after. TheChristmas Market at the Gedachtniskirche in West-Berlin doesn’t stop until New Years day. So if you really enjoy Christmas and want to continue celebrating, this is the place to be. They celebrate their 30th anniversary with more than 100 Christmas trees and 100 Christmas stands. The longest Christmas light decoration can be spotted here as well along the Kudamm. And they say goodbye to good old Santa in style: with fireworks at Silvester. Four times, even. They must love the beardy man at this Christmas Market.


potsdamer platz christmas berlinPotsdamer Platz: Winterfun and food

We really like the small Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz. On the small square near Sony Centre you can find a Christmas tree and lots of funky lights. Nibble on a corn while you watch small kids and grown ups slide down a large ice tube or skate on the ice track. Even if you don’t participate it’s really fun to watch it.





GendarmenmarktGendarmenmarkt: romantic Christmas

The Gendarmenmarkt is one of the prettiest squares in Berlin with two large Domes. At Christmas the small white tents look lovely. They look like small shops and the things they have on offer look better than the Christmas market at Alex, where they sell a lot of kitschy stuff as well. Gendarmenmarkthas a larger variety of Christmas stuff than Alex. On the other hand, on Alex you will probably find more ordinary Berlin folks. Their posh counterparts go to Gendarmenmarkt, where they pay one euro to get in.


Unfortunately the following Christmas Markets in Berlin are already closed:


kerstmarkt berlijnWinter Dream at Alexanderplatz: kitschy Christmas

The Christmas market at Alexanderplatz is the biggest Christmas market of Berlin. There is a lot to see at this market. And to smell. If you don’t like cabbage/gluhwein/klopse smells, you’d better stay away. Or just take a deep breath and try to forget about your nose for a while. Because Alexanderplatz has turned into Winter Wonderland at Christmas. You can see large wooden dolls from the Nutcracker, spot cool woolen hats in all colors of the rainbow, find kitschy Christmas decor at this Christmas Fun House that almost looks like a small kitschy village. And you can drink Gluhwein mit Schuss till you drop.


kerstmarkt alexRotes Rathaus: kids fun

At Rotes Rathaus, near Alexanderplatz, it’s Christmas fun for the kids. There is a large ferris wheel with flickering lights, pony’s to ride on and a carrousel that rides and rides on for the best fun. You can also skate here on the ice. Just don’t mind the German Schlager music too much, it’s fun!





stadtbadrodeoDDR warehouse Jandorf: Christmas Rodeo: Alternative Christmas Market

It’s not really a Rodeo, but a really cool, alternative Christmas Market: DDR shop Jandorf at Brunnenstrasse (near Invalidenstrasse in Mitte) used to be the institute for fashion design in GDR/DDR times. Last year they celebrated Christmas at Stadtbad Oderbergerstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg, but this former swimming pool became too small. At Jandorf’s Weihnachtsrodeo (Christmas Rodeo) you can find art, design and cool clothes.



willnerbrauereiWBB Christmas: Christmas Market at Emils Biergarten

Between Prenzlauer Berg and its neighbor district Pankow you can spot a lot of fascinating battered buildings that are a hot spot of creativity. For example former brewery Willner Brauerei. Beer brewer Emil Willner created this brewery with remarkable red and yellow stones around 1860. For a long time wheat beers came rattling out of this plant. Until 1990 when the place was abandoned. Recently this Sleeping Beaty has woken up again and she bursts with creativity. About a year ago creative people started WBB Willner Brauerei Berlin on the premises of the former brewery. Not to make beers again, but to create art, jewelry and light sculptures. In Emils Biergarten, named after the beer pioneer, they have a small, alternative Christmas Market with stands filled to the brim with art and food from local prenzelbergers and artistst from Pankow.


kulturbrauerei berlinLucia at the Kulturbrauerei: Reindeer Sausage

The Kulturbrauerei is a perfect spot for a Christmas Market. The cobbled square at this former beer brewery is filled with small stands. You can eat different stuff here than at the other Christmas Markets, like reindeer sausages, Danish bread and, Flammkuchen. Berlin designers and Berlin underwear have stands here as well. The market is rather small compared to Alexanderplatz, but it makes up with a cozy atmosphere.


friedrichshainkerstSamariter Christmas Market: Friedrichshain Christmas

A bit of the beaten track, but if you are interested in a typical Berlin Christmas, you should check out this small Christmas Market around the Samariter Church. Only local people present their Christmas related stuff at the local stands.



Bergmankiez:  Finnish Christmas

If you love Finland, you will love the Finnish Christmas Market at Kreuzberg’s Bergmannkiez. Forget Berlin sausages, here you will eat salmon. In your soup and on your finish pizza. If you don’t like big Christmas Markets, this is your place to be.






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