Bars Friedrichshain

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Bars Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain has a lot of groovy, interesting bars. Students know their way around this area to go clubbing and dancing in Berghain and Cassiopeia. But Friedrichshain has more to offer. Like a bar, where you can buy the furniture you sit on, home made beer, lemonade, cakes and cider. And bars where you can dance as well as play table football.


Buy a coffee and the seat you’re sitting on at Kaufbar.

Cafe Colectivo

Wanna dance the Flamenco, watch Spanish soccer, dance with Spanish temperament and terribly miss Spanish food? At Cafe Colectivo you will feel like you are in Spain in the heart of Friedrichshain.


Drinking in a cafe and kids don’t always mix well. Your cutiepie starts throwing napkins and drinks your beer and cries. No matter how hard you try to prevent such disasters, sometimes you wish for a cafe where both you and your baby/toddler and his older brother feel at home.

At Knilchbar they thought the very same thing. The kids no longer have to be bored because there is enough room to play and run around. And you finally have time for a good coffee.


At Hops&Barley you literally know what Friedrichshain tastes like. At Hops&Barley they brew their own beers. From pils to dark and weizen beer. If you are more into ciders, don’t worry. They have their own apple spirit too.


Kaufbar is not only a great bar with cheap, good coffee and home made kuchen. You can also buy the seats you are sitting on. Fortunately, the chairs don’t look like posh, overdesigned stuff. They look like the seats you would like to chill on in your own living room. Most tables, candles, art and even the sugar cans are for sale. You will feel straight at home in Kaufbar and if you want to take the chilled fifties vibe home, just buy the stuff you sit on.

Wahrhaft Nahrhaft

Girls with tattoos serving yummy bagels. It’s not the most expected combination, but in Wahrhaft Nahrhaft it is.

Sit down on the granny furniture and enjoy your bagel with berries and cheese. Bring your dog with you. Your furry friend will get a ‘leberwurstbomber’

Louise Cherie

Carol and her brother Eric created a bit of France in Friedrichshain. At Louise Cherie you will find french pastry, fresh croissants, quiches and home made cakes and ‘tartes’ from family recipes. Carol and Eric grew up in a family that collected antiquities. Brother and sister are spreading this love for old stuff in their own cafe as well.

vodkasanatoriumSanatorium 23

Feeling a bit sick and shaky? You will feel better at Sanatorium 23 at the Frankfurter Allee 23 with a vodka in your hand and the dj at your feet. 

New patients are welcome at six and the dj’s will cure you around nine


Table football and dance go very well together at Rosi’s in the Revaler Strasse. The club has a very laid back, Berlin atmosphere. If you are tired, rest in the granny chairs. And when your feet are no longer killing you, beat your friends at table football.

factorygirl berlin restaurantFactory Girl

Feel like Alice in Wonderland at the tasting lab of Factory Girl. The mad hatter with his firy red hair is not only on the walls, but also stands in the kitchen. She only looks a bit different. Alice is disguised as Berlin girl Didem Sozen.

Tea comes with a lot of funky cakes and breakfast can be eaten all day long.

Tip magazine named her homemade lemonade ‘Berlin’s best. So be a bit mad, defy the queen of hearts and drink tea and eat cakes with the mad hatter and his nervous buddy the white rabbit and cheshire cat.


Suss war Gestern

Suss war Gestern. In other words: it was great yesterday! You will probably say this the next morning after you visited Suss war Gestern. At this true Berlin club/bar you will find graffiti on the wall. As well as the video game Super Mario Bros.

And if you don’t feel like being a nerd, and want to dance the night away, they have several rooms where you can party on techno, electro and hiphop.


More Friedrichshain on Place to be:

east side gallery berlinEast Side Gallery

At Friedrichshain there is still 1.3 kilometer of painted concrete at the East Side Gallery. Including beautiful art works of the Trabant and the ‘deathly kiss’ of Soviet Leader Brezjnev and East-German leader Honecker. Although a lot of artwork has been restored a couple of years ago, recently a building company tore down a few slabs of Berlin Wall to make way for a luxurious apartment building near the river Spree.


oberbaumbrucke berlinOberbaumbrucke

The Oberbaumbrucke is the main bridge between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. 364 days a year crossing this beautiful bridge to the other side of the Spree is a great thing to do. But once a year nobody cares about the great architecture, the small towers and elegant arches. Once a year hell breaks loose.


kapitein friedrichshainR.A.W. Friedrichshain

This part along the river Spree is R.A.W. Raw, because this area in Friedrichshain is half in ruins and covered with beautiful graffiti. And raw, because it used to be the ReichsbahnAusbesserungsWerk. In the good old times 20.000 people worked here on the mighty steel of the trains.


karl marx alleeKarl Marx Allee

the Karl Marx Allee is a street you will never forget after you’ve seen it. If you walk along Karl Marx Allee you’ll feel small like an ant. The buildings are called workers palaces. And like castles made by the rich and famous, they are also lavishly decorated and made to impress and make people look small and humble.


alarabi friedrichshain restaurantRestaurants Friedrichshain

In Friedrichshain you can find no nonsense food for bargain prices. Even the local bakery near Boxhagener Platz makes really good cheesecake. Not a coincidence. This square buzzes with great little restaurants from all over the world.


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