Restaurants Friedrichshain

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Restaurants Friedrichshain

In Friedrichshain you can find no nonsense food for bargain prices. Even the local bakery near Boxhagener Platz makes really good cheesecake. Not a coincidence. This square buzzes with great little restaurants from all over the world, like Alarabi. Simon Dachstrasse has a lot of interesting spicy restaurants too, like Lemongrass. But if you are more into alternative locations, Friedrichshain is the place to be as well. Visit former gymhall Die Turnhall, for example, or Volkskammer, for a true Ossi-meal. Russia is never far away in Berlin. It not only brought communism but also great Russian food. Like Matreshka, at Boxhagener Strasse 60.


The Turnhalle used to be a place where the kiddies of Friedrichshain practiced their gymnastic movements. Now you can have dinner at this restaurant.

Backerei 2000 Friedrichshain BerlinBackerei 2000

You won’t find fashionable lounge seats, cool music and design lamps at Backerei 2000. But you’ll will get the best Berlin cheesecake. It is home made (by the owner). They also sell delicious strawberry tarts.Give them a try and we know for sure that you’re hooked. They don’t even have a website, but you cand find them at Grunbergerstrasse, Friedrichshain Berlin.

foto 2Tonkin

Tonkin has the best Vietnamese food of Friedrichshain. They make tasty furhlingsrollen, delicious curries and great mango shakes. You can choose the weekly offers or meals of the menu. The staff is always friendly. Tonkin is in the heart of Friedrichshain, very close to Boxhagener Platz, at Krossener Straße 12.



Always wanted to know what East Berlin really tasted like? At Volkskammer you will find the true East Berlin feeling and menu on the menucard. And more importantly: on your plate. When you sit on the tacky red chairs sip on your Rotkapchen, and take a bite of your ‘Berliner Luft’ or “Ossi Grutze”  you will almost forget the Palast der Republik does not exist anymore.

alarabi friedrichshain restaurant


We always lunch at Alarabi when we go to Friedrichshain. After a visit to the ‘trodelmarket’ at Boxi we go here. This Arab style cafe is cosy and the spicy food delicious. The staff is friendly, too. We especially like the salads and mezze. The evenings are interesting as well. Try a Shisha waterpipe!

Die Turnhalle

Start stretching those legs and do a cartwheel or handspring. It is hard not to perform a somersault or stand on your hands when you enter restaurant Die Turnhalle Not that strange. The restaurant used to be a place where the kiddies of Friedrichshain practised their gymnastic movements. Now you can have dinner. And practise secretly, under the table.


Russia is never far away at Matreshka. You will notice you ended up in the middle of Russia in Friedrichshain once you open the menucard. Kwasbier, Fruhlingserwachen, Birkenwasser. You won’t find it in your own fridge. Inside the walls are painted with large wooden dolls, Matreshka in good Russian. Be ready for hearty food, like Beef Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, Pelmeni and Koningsberger Klopse.

More Friedrichshain on Place to be:

east side gallery berlinEast Side Gallery

At Friedrichshain there is still 1.3 kilometer of painted concrete at the East Side Gallery. Including beautiful art works of the Trabant and the ‘deathly kiss’ of Soviet Leader Brezjnev and East-German leader Honecker. Although a lot of artwork has been restored a couple of years ago, recently a building company tore down a few slabs of Berlin Wall to make way for a luxurious apartment building near the river Spree.

oberbaumbrucke berlinOberbaumbrucke

The Oberbaumbrucke is the main bridge between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. 364 days a year crossing this beautiful bridge to the other side of the Spree is a great thing to do. But once a year nobody cares about the great architecture, the small towers and elegant arches. Once a year hell breaks loose.

kapitein friedrichshainR.A.W. Friedrichshain

This part along the river Spree is R.A.W. Raw, because this area in Friedrichshain is half in ruins and covered with beautiful graffiti. And raw, because it used to be the ReichsbahnAusbesserungsWerk. In the good old times 20.000 people worked here on the mighty steel of the trains.


karl marx alleeKarl Marx Allee

the Karl Marx Allee is a street you will never forget after you’ve seen it. If you walk along Karl Marx Allee you’ll feel small like an ant. The buildings are called workers palaces. And like castles made by the rich and famous, they are also lavishly decorated and made to impress and make people look small and humble.

vodkasanatoriumBars Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain has a lot of groovy, interesting bars. Students know their way around this area to go clubbing and dancing in Berghain and Cassiopeia. But Friedrichshain has more to offer.  For example bars where you can buy the furniture you sit on or home made beer, lemonade, cakes and cider. And others where you can dance as well as play table football.


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