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Neptunbrunnen: Berlin’s prettiest fountain

One of the most beautiful fountains in Europe is the Neptunbrunnen in Berlin. The Roman god of water Neptune stands in the middle of the fountain near Alexanderplatz. In his hand he holds his trident. And he stands on a bronze Musselshell. Four powerful tritons (messengers of the sea) with horse legs carry him.


Neptunbrunnen is Berlin’s prettiest fountain

Alongside these powerful creatures chubby toddlers splash water and pour it into the basin below them. Huge crocodiles squirt the water back up. Bronze lobsters, fish, snakes and seals swim in the water. Four bronzed women represent the four most important German rivers Oder, Rhein, Elbe and Weichsel.

The people of Berlin call the fountain Forchenbecken (fork basin), after Neptune and his trident. It was designed by Rheinhold Begas after his trip to Italy in 1888, where he was inspired to make a fountain.


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