Old Post Office

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Old post office

Berliners used to love to write letters. In 1881 they hurried to the corner of Oranienburgerstrasse and Tuscholskystrasse with their love letters and notes for mum back home. The people at the counter quickly passed the letters on, put them in bags and the horses that were in the stalls of the post office ran through the city and beyond to get the letters to loved ones, friends and family.

c/o berlin


Smelly horses at the post office

In 1925 the post office became a bit more modern. It must have been a relief for the people living nearby the post office. Imagine the smell of hundreds of horses nearby! During the Second World War the characteristic building with red and yellow bricks got severely damaged. It burned down to the first floor, but they managed to restore it after the war. In 1995 the building lost its function. It is no longer a post office.

Love letters at Berlin’s former post office

The only time there were love letters in the building again, was in 2001. Artists put five thousand love letters on the former postoffice. The walls were entirely covered with ‘I love you so much’ and “why don’t you write back, sweetheart?’ notes. The facade still reminds of its old function though. A stagecoach with horses gallops over the facade. Half dressed males blow on their hornes with an important letter in their hands. You can also spo references to Greek mythology: Hermes, complete with wings on his helmet, brings stories into the world. On the facade are also portraits of important scientists and explorers, such as Kopernikus, Watt, Morse and Columbus.

c/o berlinPhotography

There used to be an interesting photography museum here. Now a Medicin company resides in the building. If you miss C/O, the photograpy museum too much, they moved to the Amerika Haus in Charlottenburg. Also a place with an interesting history. At the Amerika Haus they used to have exhibitions on the Berlin Wall, when that hated piece of concrete still split Berlin in two..

If you want to experience what it’s like to sleep where the post staff slept, decades ago, this part of the building is turned into a hostel:

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