Humboldt University

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Humboldt University: struggle for science

Unter den Linden is not only a royal street, it is also a street full of science. The Humboldt University is situated at Unter den Linden since 1810. It was named after the brothers Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt, who did everything in their power to open a university in Berlin.

humboldt university

The brothers Humboldt did everything to create a university for Berlin

Famous University

They were successful and one of the most famous universities in the world is named after them. Humboldt University is located in a stately building at Unter den Linden. It used to be the palace of Hendrik Heinrich von Preussen. He was the little brother of Frederic the Great.

Important scientists of Humboldt University

Many important scientists studied and lectured at Humboldt University: Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Heinrich Heine. In total 29 Nobel prize winners lectured or studied at Humboldt university. The city honors the brothers Alexander and Wilhelm with two statues at Unter den Linden.



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