Park am Gleisdreieck

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Park am Gleisdreieck

The great thing about Berlin is it’s never finished. You can stumble upon pieces of no man’s land that are turned into something new. A great example of this is the Park near Gleisdreieck. In German: the Park am Gleisdreieck. It’s the perfect urban spot to watch great raw graffiti, watch the hissing trains and metros passing by, play with your kids, drink a beer and take a sneaky peek at the ‘klein garten houses’ where people grow vegetables and relax in their small garden houses.

Park am Gleisdreieck



Urban park: Gleisdreieck

For years, people didn’t really know what to do with the piece of no man’s land. After World War Two, this place in Berlin became a wasteland. Wild weeds were growing everywhere. People walking through this area had to be quite adventurous to go through the bramble bushes to watch the trains and metros stopping at station Gleisdreieck.



rapper alley at Park am Gleisdreieck BerlinPiece of no man’s land at Park am Gleisdreieck

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, a lot of wastelands were being build on, straight away. But Gleisdreieck remained a piece of no man’s land. Not that strange if you see all the metros and trains crossing through this area. But still, it’s easy to understand why the people of Berlin wanted to do something with the area.

After a lot of (digital) discussions it was finally agreed on that the area should be turned into a park. Not a boring park, with lots of grass and small trees, but a wild park, with urban art, places to relax, play with your kids, and exercise.

Rapper alley at Park am Gleisdreieck

When you enter Park am Gleisdreieck from station Yorkstrasse, like we did (there are other entry points as well), you hear the trains passing by. The walls are covered with graffiti. It looks like rapper alley. All the colorful men on the walls look like they can step of the wall to sing, rap, beat box and break dance. They would mix well with the kids skating and people jogging here.

opening hours nailed into a tree at Park am Gleisdreieck BerlinOpening hours nailed into a tree at Park am Gleisdreieck

It’s a nice place to play hide and seek. There are a lot of arches covered with graffiti with beautiful details, like the fernsehturm, or little cheeky monsters. When you cross the railway bridge to get to the other part of Park am Gleisdreieck, you will see a large play ground where you can swing till you drop or slide in the large wooden castle. If you’re thirsty, drink a pint at the small cafe. The opening hours are nailed into a tree with a piece of wood.

garden houses at Park am Gleisdreieck BerlinSanta growing vegetables at Park am Gleisdreieck

But don’t stay too long at the cafe, there is more to explore at Park am Gleisdreieck. The wild weeds are still growing here. But the best part of the park probably are: the Klein Garten houses. The people of Berlin usually don’t have a garden. At least, not in the city centre. But they do love to grow their own vegetables and let their kids play in gardens. At Park am Gleidreieck you can see how they fix this problem. You can see small houses here, with little gardens where they grow their own vegetables. When it’s warm, they relax in the garden and their kids play on trampolines. And at Park am Gleisdreieck, you can spot the weirdest little gardens with huge grasshoppers on top of the roof. Or Santa and a snow man, chilling in a small garden. Berlin at it’s best. Want to explore more parks in Berlin? Check out Burgerpark Pankow, fairy tale Volkspark Friedrichshain, GDR Treptower Park, Kleistpark or royal Tiergarten.

Garden houses at Park am Gleisdreieck

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