Treptower Park

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Treptower Park: East German walk

Treptower Park is the perfect spot for an East-German walk with a protest-flavor. In GDR-times Treptower Park already was a favorite place for walks. It is famous for it’s nice picnic spots in the summer&springtime. And in autumn people go here to walk their dog and smell the autumn leaves of all the trees that grow near the Spree. Swans glide through the river as people run by.

Treptower Park

Treptower Park

East German vibe at Treptower Park

Treptower Park is a perfect escape if the city center is overcrowded with people. The park has a nice biergarten (Zenner), and on the river Spree you can find nice bars and restaurants on the riverboats that are docked at the small port. But if you look closely, you can still feel the East-German vibe at Treptower Park.

insel berlijnInsel der Jugend at Treptower Park

Insel der Jugend, a small island inside Treptower Park (Isle of Youth) looks like the perfect romantic spot, but in GDR-times young people came here to party and listen to music that the GDR-politicians hated with all their heart. Officially Insel der Jugend belonged to the GDR-youth movement FDJ, but the people that organized the party’s knew exactly what music meant for young people in the GDR: a way to revolt. In the chaotic summer of 1989 bands like ‘The Planets’ and the punks of ‘Tina has never had a teddy bear’ performed here, just before the Berlin Wall fell in the autumn. Now it is still known for open air party’s.

But that’s not all. Treptower Park also has on of the main Soviet memorial sites. The Sowjetische Ehrenmal is not only a memorial site. The large marble blocks with images of young kids being protected by soviet soldiers are graves too. The thousands of Soviet Soldiers that died in 1945 when they tried to free Berlin from it’s brutal dictator found their last resting place here. On top of the hill is a large soldier with his gun resting, on the other side a soldier carrying a small kid. Just outside the Park ran the Berlin Wall. A watchtower sprayed with graffiti reminds us of that dark period in the Cold War.

Most interesting Berlin Parks

We have selected the best and most interesting Berlin parks for you, like fairytale Volkspark Friedrichshain, DDR/GDR Treptower Park, Burgerpark Pankow, royal Tiergarten and Victoriapark, to name a few.


beelden volkspark friedrichshainVolkspark Friedrichshain

Volkspark Friedrichshain is a magical spot, and a perfect place for a fairytale walk. At the beginning of the park is a fairytale fountain (marchenbrunnen). Turtles spit out water, cats walk in boots and little girls feed concrete doves. The fairytales of the German brothers Grimm are beautifully depicted in stone here.

Royal Tiergarten


In Tiergarten you can walk in royal style. Just like the royal ladies, back in the days this park was created. In 1530 the German prince-electors created Tiergarten to hunt deer and boar. Frederic the Great was not that keen on hunting bambi’s, so he turned Tiergarten into a lush garden to loiter and look at other glamorous people.

Burgerpark Pankow

Burgerpark Pankow

In Burgerpark Pankow it is almost as if you are not in Berlin anymore. Green fields, large trees and romantic villa’s play the main part at this large park in district Pankow. It’s quite a long walk from Berlin’s city centre, so be smart, and take the S-bahn to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Kammergericht BerlinHeinrich von Kleistpark

Heinrich von Kleistpark in Schoneberg has a weird history. It used to be a mixture between a vegetable patch and glamorous garden for Kurfurst Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg, as well as a Botanical Garden. The grotesque statues and colonnades used to be found at Alexanderplatz and the Schlossplatz inMitte.

Park am GleisdreieckPark am Gleisdreieck

The great thing about Berlin is it’s never finished. You can stumble upon pieces of no man’s land that are turned into something new. A great example of this is the Park am Gleisdreieck. It’s the perfect urban spot to watch great raw graffiti, watch the hissing trains and metros passing by, play with your kids, drink a beer and take a sneaky peek at the ‘klein garten houses’


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