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The river Spree doesn’t look very attractive to go swimming. But in Treptow you will see people near the Spree shore. Not to dive in the brown river water. But to visit the Badeschiff in Treptow. A large swimming pool that is situated in the river Spree. Imagine the views you have on the river. Even in the wintertime it is great to go here to poodle or go as fast as you can in this pool.



Beach at Badeschiff

There is a beach as well, and a sauna too. The open air bar is nice as well for chilled drinks. Unfortunately the pool is closed this winter and doesn’t open until the summer. The Badeschiff plays a part in Berlin movies as well. In the Berlin film Drie the main characters go swimming at this cool pool in the river Spree.

Hidden Gems of Berlin

We show the hidden gems of Berlin, like an abandoned amusement park near the city centre of Berlin with headless dino’s and a ferris wheel that still spins in the wind. At RAW in Friedrichshain you will find great graffiti with pink fish and mad captains with large moustaches. And what about Berlin’s bathing culture! At the Badeschiff in Treptow you can swim in a swimming pool that floats in the river Spree. Imagine the view! At Stadtbad Prenzlauer Berg in the Oderberger Strasse you can see the fallen angels and fat bellied watergods of the ruined swimming pool that is being renovated right now.

Alternative Berlin

Find all the hidden Berlin Gems here:

Majakowskiring BerlijnMajakowskiring

We also take you deeper into the history of Berlin by showing you where the GDR leaders used to live. Walk with us to the Majakowskiring where the GDR elite stayed in big houses. You can still see in which villa’s the GDR leaders used to stay. We will take you there and tell you all about the history of these strange villa’s, a long walk away from Berlin’s city centre.


After the 1953 uprising the GDR leaders felt very uncomfortable living to close to the centre of Berlin. They took off to Wandlitz, just outside Berlin, where they lived with a large wall around the premises. The people of the GDR all thought the GDR leaders lived in Wandlitz, surrounded by gold and luxury. We will show you what life really was like for the leaders of the GDR at this weird, walled sector just outside Berlin.

verlaten pretpark berlijnKulturpark Planterwald

Near the river Spree is East Germany’s biggest amusement park. In ruins. Back in the seventies children screamed and had a lot of fun in the theme park. But now, it is awfully quiet. The whitewater course is covered in a layer of crumbled autumn leaves. The dinosaurs are daubed with graffiti and some missing a head or leg. The Ferris wheel moves slowly in the wind.

engel berlijnStadtbad Prenzlauer Berg

Watergods with big bellies, turtles, octopusses and big fish all swim over the facade of Stadtbad Prenzlauer Berg. But the stone angels are turning green because they have been lying on the wet ground for so long. The swimmingpool Stadtbad Prenzlauer Berg at Oderbergerstrasse used to be loved, but now it is in ruins.

grote verlaten fabriek friedrichshainRAW Friedrichshain

Friedrichshain is RAW. Raw because the district is rough and full of ragged buildings and alternative people. But also Raw because of the R.A.W. gelande, an area near the river Spree. The former factory is in ruins. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening anymore. You will find great graffiti here and Berlin’s creative people.




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