Silvester in Berlin

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Silvester in Berlin

Silvester in Berlin means fireworks, drunk people, drinking rotkapchen on the streets, pfannkuchen, and party till the sun comes up. Never heard of Silvester? In English it’s better known as New Years Eve, but in Berlin they say goodbye to the old year by celebrating Silvester.


Silvester in Berlin: big party

When we first travelled to Berlin in 2006, Silvester was already a pretty big party. In the beginning of December very few tourists were walking on Unter den Linden. Right after Christmas, Unter den Linden quickly became crowded with people. But still, if you avoided that street, Berlin was still Berlin. Right before Silvester we picked out the coolest parties by carefully reading Zitty and Tip on where to go. On Silvester we watched the fireworks at Unter den Linden and Brandenburger Tor, went dancing at the Kulturbrauerei and Stadtbad Prenzlauer Berg. We partied on the songs of Onkel Bernie and Wladimir Kaminers Russendisko at the Volksbuhne. There were quite a lot of tourists, but a lot of Berliners as well. But the last couple of years more and more tourists came to celebrate Silvester in Berlin. Which is great, but it makes it harder to find a party that is not overcrowded with tourists. When you google ‘Silvester in Berlin’ you will see websites that focus on parties for tourists. Of course it’s nice to see the fireworks at Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden or Strasse des 17 Juni. But you have to come early and dress up warmly because a lot of people come to this party mile. When it’s getting too crowded, the police will no longer allow people to enter the street. If you like to dress up like Jay Gatsby and love the golden twenties, go to the Pearl at the Kurfurstendamm and pay 30 euro’s to get in and party like there is no tomorrow. But we think Berlin has more to offer during Silvester. We hope you enjoy our tips for a true Silvester in Berlin.



weekend silvesterWeek End: Silvester in Berlin clubbing with the best view on Alex

To enjoy the best view on the Berlin fire works during Silvester is pretty hard with so many people around. But at Week End, at the former Haus des Reisens, you will find the best view on the fireworks and Alexanderplatz. And great club music too from
Andre Crom, Dapayk Solo and what’s in a name: SoKool. If it’s cold, you can stay inside the Week End club on the 12 th story, if not, go even further up and dance on top of the roof at the 15th story for the best Silvester views in Berlin.




Silvester Berlin in BerghainBerghain: powerful Silvester in Berlin

At Berghain, the former power plant of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, you will find the most powerful Silvesterparty in Berlin. Don’t worry, there is no need to get electrified. It’s the music of this true Berlin party place that will rock your Silvester in Berlin. Be prepared for Discodromo from cocktail d’amore, the Pet Shop Bears, Answer Code Request and many others from the Ostgut Ton label.



katerholzig Kater Holzig: true Berlin Silvester

At Kater Holzig you will find the true Berlin vibe. It’s a battered building and the place to be if you like music, dance and weird art. The walls may be crumbling down, but the skeleton outside Kater Holzig just looks really cool. A huge cat looks down on the party people outside as well. Indoors you can dance on the beats of really good dj’s, rest at a bed in the middle of one of the halls. At Silvester they start at 22:00 and they party till the third of January. Just dance during Bluetopia on the beats ofJoshua Jess, Hearthrob and Elliver Twist.



silvesterkulturbrauereiKulturbrauerei: Silvester party for everyone

The Kulturbrauerei used to be a brewery, now you can dance here at Silvester in Berlin. Kulturbrauerei is a fascinating former factory. The Kulturbrauerei has an industrial look, but was made in a period when factories still looked pretty. On the walls you can read where the ‘flaschenabteilung’ (bottle department) used to be. It’s great to party in a typical Berlin building. But the greatest part during Silvester: you can bring all your friends! Even the ones that normally bicker over what the best music is and never agree. Here you can find all kinds of different music styles. The different factory departments all play different music styles, so everybody can be happy.


badehausszimplaBadehaus Szimpla: Silvester Boom

Badehaus Szimpla used to be the bathing house where the factory workers of the ReichsAusbesserungsWerk got clean after working on the Berlin trains. Now no one plunges in the water anymore. The Badehaus is used as a true Berlin bar with a Budapest vibe. The owner is originally from Budapest and brought the raw vibe from his hometown to Berlin. At Silvester Boom you can enjoy hip hop, reggae, tropical bass, dubstep, house and elektro. And outside they are grilling sausages and steaks.




intersoup3Intersoup: laid back Silvester in Berlin

If you are not that into big Silvester parties in Berlin, Intersoup is a good place to be for Silvester in Berlin. You might not expect it, but it’s not a soup joint, but a typical Berlin bar. You can eat soup at Intersoup here (which is really good), but we rather go here for the laid back atmosphere. You can listen to small bands here and chill on the granny retro furniture. Not bad for a laid back Silvester in Berlin.





postbahnhofPostbahnhof: Silvester House and Rock

At Postbahnhof you won’t find letters of your loved one. At least, not anymore. Postbahnhof is a former post office where you can dance till you drop. FritzClub is also situated in the building. At Postbahnhof you can dance on house, R’nB, pop music and rock. At Silvester, the four floors of Postbahnhof are all open for a true Silvester in Berlin.




clarchensballhausClarchens Ballhaus: Silvester Dance

Put on your dancing shoes when you go to Clarchens Ballhaus. Berliners learned to dance here. Clarchen just celebrated her 100 year anniversary and old, young, gay and very hetero all dance at this retro dance hall. So after your Silvester in Berlin you will leave like a dance pro.






Silvesterparty at the Hungarian House

One of the best spots to enjoy Silvester in Berlin is at the Hungarian House, or in German, the Ungarn Haus. It’s near the Fernsehturm. With its tacky interior you can dance the night away on two different floors and feel the true Ossi vibe.




salonzurwildenrenateSalon zur Wilden Renate: Wild Silvester in Berlin

Renate is a bit wild. She trashed the place a bit up for the ultimate Berlin look. Music is not really important at Salon zur Wilden Renate. In 2010 they still had no decent sound system. But who cares? Salon zur Wilden Renate is better known for the atmosphere and wild dress up parties. They had India nights, and fools evenings, where everybody had to dress up like complete fools. Salon zur Wilden Renate is quite popular and it’s hard to get in. But if you really try hard and find the best outfit for the theme night, you will probably get in and have the best Silvester in Berlin.



glanzundelendderpartizanenvolksbuhneVolksbuhne: Weird Silvester

At the Volksbuhne you will have a true Silvester in Berlin. Normally they play the best theatre pieces of Berlin at the Volksbuhne, but during Silvester you will meet all sorts of people at the Volksbuhne. You can spot old rockers with long hair, wild grannies, twenty somethings that like to dress up and everything in between. It might sound as if your dancing with your parents, but that wouldn’t be fair. Because the great part about Silvester in the Volksbuhne is: age doesn’t matter. Everybody is having the time of their lives and they all act a bit weird in their own special way. Just the way Berlin is and why we love this town so much. At Silvester the whole Volksbuhne is used as a big dance stage, but the main focus is on the Green and Red Saloon, the Roter und Gruner Salon.



grunersalon1Spacy Stardust: Silvester in the Gruner Salon

Spacy Stardust. It’s the perfect title for this Silvester party in Berlin.  The retro green furniture and green lights make this a special place to be. It will be a night of sleazy Rock ‘n Roll, Rockabilly, Rock ‘n Soul and 60’s Wild style with dj’s such as Lobotomy and Manu Tanzratte. It’s a pity the Roter Salon is closed during Silvester because it was nice to be able to switch. A few years ago we had Silvester when Wladimir Kaminer went crazy with his Russendisko, which was great. And we will never forget the strange band Onkel Bernie who played when we were at the Volksbuhne at Silvester. So if you have never heard of the bands or dj’s that are mentioned on the website: don’t worry. They are weird. And awesome. This is as Berlin as you can get during Silvester in Berlin.


delphiSilvester party in golden twenties style: Silvester in silent movie theater Delphi

Silent movie theater Delphi was right in the middle of ‘Little Hollywood’ in the golden twenties of Berlin. The Berlin district was the movie area of Berlin. In 1913, 1918, 1918 and 1920 movies were shot here, as well as detectives. The grand opening of silent movie theater Delphi was celebrated with the movie ‘high treason’. It’s no longer in use as a movie theater, but still has the grand old atmosphere of the golden twenties in Berlin. The walls are a bit battered, but that all adds to the atmosphere of the place. It’s a perfect spot for a glamorous party in Berlin in golden twenties style with hot jazz, swing, burlesque and dj’s, reading your future with tarot cards and drinking absinth. The dress code is, guess what: golden twenties style.


ballhaus4Multicultural Silvester in Berlin: Ballhaus Naunynstrasse

In the old dance hall (Ballhaus) in the Naunynstrasse you can dance with people from many different cultures during Silvester in Berlin. The Ballhaus is situated at multicultural Kreuzberg, so expect a multicultural Silvester at this party theatre. Normally you can watch interesting theatre plays here, made by people from vary different background, during Silvester they party till the sun comes up. The old Ballhaus in the Naunynstrasse has a dance history. The Grand old dance hall has been built in 1873 to learn the Berliners of this district dance. The songs changed a bit since 1873, but it’s hard to keep your feet still when the music starts playing during this silvester party. Koromoto,Aérea Negrot Ensemble, Black Cracker, Chandelier Divine Brown, D.R.E.E.A., Grace Kelly, Koromoto, nowMomentnow and Svetlana Pall Mall will give you the best multicultural Silvester in Berlin.



neonsplashColorful Silvester in Berlin: Neonsplash in the Columbiahalle

Prepare to get dirty on Silvester in Berlin if you go to the Neonsplash party at Columbiahalle near former airport Tempelhof. In 1951 American soldiers had a blast at the Columbiahalle. It was the party place for the US Air Force. But they played basketball and other sports here and went to the cinema. You will be having a great time with lots of neon paint and electronic music. So don’t wear your best party dress or new jeans, because you will soon be covered in pink, yellow and blue colors. So be dirty, and dance till your feet are numb during this colorful Silvester in Berlin.



fernsehturm berlinSilvester in Berlin: the best view on Berlin

The best view on Berlin during Silvester and all the fireworks will probably be found at the Fernsehturm. It will be hard to find a more true Silvester in Berlin. So go up and enjoy the view from above and have the best Silvester in Berlin in this large glittering disco ball. You can see all the fireworks at Brandenburger Tor and the rest of Berlin, without the worries someone will crush you. But this beautiful view doesn’t come cheap. It will cost you 290 to enjoy this true Silvester in Berlin.





oberbaumbruckemarcushornSilvester in Berlin: bridges and mountains

Not so much into Silvester Parties? The bridges and mountains of Berlin give you a good view on the spectacular fireworks. The beautiful Oberbaumbrucke between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg will give you a stunning view on the river Spree and on the fireworks. The Mauerpark is a little higher than the rest of the environment, which makes a nice place to spot rockets. The Victoriapark in Kreuzberg is great too. It has a fairy tale fountain and there you can see a large part of Kreuzberg. It’s a popular spot during Silvester in Berlin.

If you don’t mind leaving Berlin’s city centre during Silvester, these mountains will give you the best rocket views: The Grosser Muggelberg in Treptow, the Teufelsberg in Wilmersdorf, the Ahrensfelder Berge and Kienberg in Marzahn and the Schaferberg in Steglitz. Just make sure you don’t get too drunk, because they are pretty far from Mitte.




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