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Berlin Museums

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Berlin Museums

Museums with bullet holes inside. Art in a World War two bunker. Paintings in a former butter factory. Beautiful Egyptian ladies and heretic kings. Berlin museums are out the ordinary and quiet spectacular.

Berlin Museums are spectacular

Berlin Museums are spectacular


Take the Museuminsel, for instance. A beautiful island in the middle of the river Spree. Before 1830 this area was a stinky swamp that had nothing to do with art. That all changed with the building of the Alte Museum in 1830. After that it was good riddance with the swamp and stink. Art it was! Now it is covered with museums in Greek/Roman style. If you look at the iconic columns of the Altes, Neues and Alte Nationalgalerie you would almost think you are living in ancient Greece instead of walking around in modern, crazy Berlin.

Inside the Berlin museums you can find masterpieces out of ancient Egypt or check out devine Gods that beat giants with snake legs in the Pergamon museum.

Berlin has a lot of interesting art as well. Like the Neue Galerie, Sammlung Boros or KW Institute of Modern Art. London, New York and Paris may all have many interesting museums, but only Berlin has an island full of them.

Finding Berlin


You love art and history and are in Berlin right now. Or you are planning a visit to Berlin soon. But you have no idea where you can find all those interesting Berlin museums. We will help you out with a short summary of all the museums we write about. Or just click on the photos of all the different museums and find all the info there.

Neues Museum: museum full of bullet holes, just reopened after being closed for decades. The architect combined new and old styles beautifully. Inside you will find great Egyptian statues. Like the beautiful queen Nefertiti and her heretic husband king Achnaton, to name a few.

Alte Nationalgalerie: Looks just like a Greek temple, inside you will find romantic art and paintings by German and French masters like Caspar David Friedrich and Monet.

Altes Museum: It not only looks like a Roman temple, inside you will find Greek, Romand and Egyptian artifacts.

Bodemuseum: Eyecatcher at the end of Museuminsel. Inside you will find old coins, squeeky furniture and statues from West-Roman and Byzantium.

Deutsches Historisches Museum: Great museum if you want to know about the history of Germany. It tells you how Germany came into existence, the religious fights between the catholics and reformers, World War One and Two and the Cold War. Situated at the former Berlin armory.

Gropius Bau: The scars of both World War two and the Cold War are visible at this art museum. It has bullet holes in the facade and the Berlin Wall is still close. Inside you will find work by international artists.

Hamburger Bahnhof: Former train station between East and West Berlin with great art inside. They have Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol but let the young artists shine as well.

Jewish Museum: Museum dedicated to the history of the German Jews.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art: Former butter factory filled to the brim with modern art. Sometimes controversial art.

Neue Nationalgalerie: Concrete box with a lot of glass, filled with modern art. Interesting exhibitions by modern, sometimes controversial artists.

Pergamon museum: Museum dedicated to the excavation in Pergamon, modern day Turkey. They have large friezes depicting the divine fight between the Giants and the Greek gods. They also have a great Islamic art section.

Sammlung Boros: Old World War two bunker filled with modern art.

Markisches Museum: Museum dedicated to the history of Berlin.

DDR Museum: Museum that tells you everything about the history of the GDR.

Gedenkstatte Hohenschonhause: Stasi prison, you will get a tour from people that were held in this prison during the Cold War.

Stasi museum: Museum where the offices of the Stasi in Berlin used to spy on it’s own people. You can visit the offices of Stasi leader Mielke.

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